Technical Specifications:

Output power continuous sinewave: 105W/8Ω   170W/4Ω   0.1% THD
Output power pulsed: 350W/2Ω   410W/1Ω   0.1% THD
Maximum continuous current: 6A
Maximum Pulsed current: 20A (100ms burst)
Distortion THD: 0.0087% 8Ω 5Watt 1Khz
Distrortion TIM: 0.011% 8Ω 5Watt 50Hz/7Khz 4:1
Hum and Noise level: -98.3dB ref: Max, output level
Bandwidth: DC 160Khz -3dB 1W/8Ω
Gain: 50x = 34dB 600mV for max output
Input impedance: 47KΩ
Damping factor: 600
Slew rate: 23V/uS
AC voltage: 115VAC / 230VAC internal switch 50/60Hz +/-10%
Power consumption: Idle 10VA Max 700 VA
Powersupply: 650VA torroid and 6x10.000uf
Protection: Internal Fuse on powerrail only (no current limiting)
Input mute on switch off
Inputs: 2x RCA gold plated
Outputs: 2x Binding post gold plated
Dimensions: 440x88(95)x375mm WxH(with feet)xD

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